And we continue going through face moisturizers that are made mostly of natural ingredients. Here’s yet another cream that I consider quite impressive (I have dry skin).

AnneMarie Borlind, Hydro Stimulant, Day Cream, Rose Dew.

I oftentimes give preference to this company when it comes to face moisturizers. A quote by the founder of the Börlind company engaged me. What she said was “I never apply to the skin, what I wouldn’t put in my moth”. And although these are not 100% natural products, this company does its best to stay truthful to this principle and generate products that are both efficient and safe for the skin, containing high quality organic ingredients.

Now-about the cream I’m suggesting today.

It’s a hydrating, stimulating day cream. It’s quite dense, oily with a delicate rose aroma that evaporates quite fast (the smell is not blatant at all). My impressions briefly: I’m very satisfied with this cream, that’s the reason I’m sharing. Now in detail: the cream is light, soft, spreads evenly on the skin, absorbs swiftly, does not generate the unpleasant feeling of having a film on your face. It creates the feeling of tightened, hydrated skin within seconds after application. It does not clog the pores. And what’s more: it’s a great base to apply makeup on.

It contains a lot of oils (jojoba, corn oil, shea butter, avocado oil), that’s why it’s a bit oily, but just a little bit so I think that most of you will not consider it oily at all. And taking into consideration all the oils it contains-it really isn’t greasy at all. It’s definitely good for winter use (and all women with dry skin out there know how difficult it is to find a good cream for the cold season). Some might think it’s a tad too heavy for summer but it will not melt under the sun, that’s for sure. I think you’ll find it comfortable both-in winter and in summer. And I think you’ll be satisfied with the result. So let me know if my recommendation helped in the comments below.

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