This season’s fashion is very glittery and silver boots step right in, like they own the place. Silver is a seasonal color, and this year, silver boots come in different shapes and heels, making a statement at any of your destinations. For this outfit, I paired them with 

 a bell-shaped dress and a cap. What is great about silver is that you can match it with almost any other color, depending on where you’re headed to. If you’re feeling both tired and festive during this time of the year, which can be a very common thing, here’s a tip to avoid putting too much effort into your looks and still be Queen. Save almost any outfit from being boring by matching it with your silver boots, like i did with this one. So, spend some quality time looking for your perfect silver boots or go for the ones I’ve chosen for you, and you’re all set.  
Bottom line here is: if you’ve started wearing what was closest to you in the morning, or just lying there on the floor, this only means one thing- you don’t have the energy for putting enough thought into what you wear. But, don’t let your looks become a sign of defeat even if you’re so tired of the 4.30 P.M. sunsets, and you’re exhausted from wondering whether you’ve accomplished enough in 2018, just put on your magic-working silver boots and take the time you need to recharge. 
Happy New Year and see you in 2019! xoxo

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