Whether you are newly single or you feel like you are forever alone, the answer to why lies in your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has its own particular downfalls which point us to exactly why your past relationships failed and why you are now reading this article. We reveal exactly why you are single here!

Are you unsure about why your last relationship ended and why you are now alone? Although it may be painful, now is the time to discover just went wrong and what you can change in your future relationships.

So, why are you single?

Controlling behavior
Aries friends, you have a need to control everything around you which can tend to scare people away. However, the ironic thing is you yourself hating being controlled and told what to do. Try to loosen up and shake off your controlling behavior.
Manipulative side
Taurus personalities are often a little possessive which can wear your partners down. Be careful all the same that your possessive side doesn’t spill over into manipulation because that could mean you’ll be single for a very long time.
You get bored easily
Your relationships often get off to a whirlwind of a start and then fizzle out shortly afterwards. You love getting people to fall under your spell, although hate it when the montony of routine kicks in, and become bored quickly.
Bad attitude
Cancer friends, the reason you are single is because you are looking for the perfect mixture of romance and sensitivity. The idealism you crave means you are very demanding in your relationships and your attitude can be a little suffocating for your partner.
Diva behavior
Leos are very demanding people and their bossy attitude can drive people away. Leo personalities want and expect the best of everything, meaning if they aren’t showered with lots of regular attention, they are left feeling unhappy.
Hard to read
Virgo, you are single because although you say you want to be loved and in a solid relationship, your actions do not reflect your openness and desires to find that someone special. You can appear cold, however deep down you really are a passionate and bubbly person.
You are never satisfied
Libra, you can’t help but judge people and no matter what they are like, they’ll never be as good as your ideal partner that you imagine you’ll eventually find. When you are in a relationship you try to change your partner and model them into your perfect other half
Green eyed monster
Scorpios, your challenge is to keep your jealousy in check, otherwise you’ll scare your all potential partners away. In relationships, your jealous side often gets the better of you and causes you to explode in fits of anger.
Stubborn attitude
Sagittarius, the reason you are single is because you are never willing to compromise, when you believe you are right, you are like dog with a bone, you simply won’t let up. Your stubbornness is a real shame because you have an awesome personality.
Ice cold attitude
Capricorn, your lack of flexibility is what pushes your partners away that said, your icy and hard to read attitude doesn’t help things either. When you next meet someone you like, try to be more open with your feelings.
Free spirit
Aquarians, you are single because you love your independence. Aquarians as an air sign need to be free and to follow their own minds, which is why your relationships don’t often last for a very long time. Your desire to do as you please makes life as a couple very difficult indeed.
Sassy attitude
Pisces, you are currently reading this article because your overly passionate attitude frightens your partners. For you everything needs to progress at 100mph, letting things come along naturally is out of the question. You need to slow down a little!

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