Slow down the aging process
You can look fabulous and youthful at any age! Our body has the great ability to regenerate if we take care of ourselves in a holistic way. If you have discipline and put in effort to care for your body, you will see the rewards, and enjoy a happier life. When we see ourselves beautiful in the mirror – it is a therapy, it is very good for your emotions, for your neurotransmitters. I am going to tell you what I do in the morning first. I call it internal bath. I take my anti-aging elixir, I do it for natural rejuvenating purposes. My drink is ½ orange juice with a lot of pulp and ½ water. You can add to the elixir ½ of a lemon squeezed, a pinch of cayenne pepper, green powder with probiotics, Chlorella powder, coffee greens, collagen powder extract, aloe vera juice, acai Juice, Raw Honey, antioxidant powder from different berries, flax seed powder or any kind of fiber, plant enzymes. I always put enzymes, I open 3-4 capsule and pour the enzymes in my elixir because enzymes help you prevent inflammation. You can add to this elixir Vitamin C crystals, or take the liposomal Vitamin C that is a technological breakthrough in nutrient assimilation. Don’t forget, my dears, Vitamin C is necessary to the enzymes involved in the production of collagen.
Coffee green extract is a very good product to clean your system. I take B complex vitamins for my hair, for my skin, and multi vitamin with whole foods. Make sure your multi complex does not contain iron. Iron, unlike most other minerals, is not excreted but stored in the body. If you have iron-deficiency anemia, you can always add iron supplements. I take protein, I take amino acids to build up muscles, I take CoQ10: supplemental CoQ10 enhances energy generation and also acts as a very potent antioxidant. I also take Alpha Lipoic Acid – both are very good antioxidants. I am very big on antioxidants. I do take zinc, it is good for your immune system and also zinc keeps your skin firm. Zinc should be balanced with copper, so select a supplement that contains 1 milligram of copper for every 15 milligrams of zinc. You can also take Vitamin E, it is the body’s premier lipid antioxidant. I also take fish oil, MSM powder, and much more. Although fish oil is available in capsules, my favorite source is (filtered) liquid cod liver oil. I recommend Carlson’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. I eat a lot of spinach. I do take a lot of teas. Rooibos tee is an excellent antioxidant. Take it before going to bed, as it relaxes you and helps your sleep. I take hibiscus tea, I take green tea, I take all the tees that provides the antioxidants. One more favourite of mine is astaxanthin extract! My skin just loves it. You can read my post on astaxanthin here. I work out a lot, as it improves the circulation and keeps you younger. You need to move, you need to exercise your body. And of course I do my facial work-out and my skin care routine. OK, my friends, hopefully this post will be useful to you. Feel good and look good!


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