I’ll start by saying that some of the looks on the runway this year look like there was no concept behind them, just a range of ideas thrown in together. As I was watching the Chanel collection, I had big doubts that Gabrielle would approve of Lagerfeld’s choices, especially taking into consideration mademoiselle Coco’s aversion for short skirts. The fact that Gabrielle Chanel introduced the tweed suit post WWII, which became the symbol of a generation does not mean that anything made of tweed carries the Chanel heritage.

As for myself, I also have a big dislike for short skirts, I think they never do anything for a woman, other than indicate directly towards her capability of having sex. So I’m going to dismiss the myriad of short skirt displayed this season on all runways, and I’ll talk about the main trends that I really liked.
All the criticism aside, the spring/summer runways came with trends that speak of sun, freedom, joy, feminity and transparency (literally and metaphorically). If you’re not completely happy with your body, I recommend you hit the gym, starting yesterday, because the translucent designs of silk, plastic and tulle are too good to miss them on the pick of their wave.

Oh yeah, and before I start listing all the trends for the season, please, pretty please with sugar on top, let’s drop the “accept your body as it is and just wear everything that is currently marketed because you were born this way and it’s your natural right” crap. Clothes are a tool that you can use and it’s up to you, to do so at your advantage or disadvantage. I’ll be making some recommendations below, my intentions are purely kind, I’m not out there to offend anyone.
So, here we go:

The pencil skirts worn with silk socks is one of my favorites this year. I will definitely sport the style and I recommend everyone with thin legs to do so. If you have chubby ankles, avoid this trend, you’ll ruin the look and you’ll emphasize a part of your body you don’t want to show off.

On the other hand, good news for those who are not eligible for pencil skirts this year. Since you’re voluptuous, it means mother nature has been generous to your breasts which brings us to the next favorite trend of the season which is: translucent fabrics! Silk, plastic, tulle, you name it! The statement transparent wear is usually long and multi-layered which will enable you ladies to hint on your advantages and wittingly hide the parts you still have to work on.

Another trend that I will definitely wear this season are biker shorts. I just love them with a classic waist-belt and a classic jacket. Very eclectic. You can wear them irrespective of how thin your legs are, however, if they’re not as thin as you’d want them to be, I recommend that you wear them with high-heeled sandals. In all other cases, boots, sneakers, plain sandals will all match the style. These shorts are so ridiculous, they don’t actually call for any specific foot wear.

Pastel tones, bold colors and 80s glittering glam are also all there on the runway. No rules for this season. Just make sure you’re going with broad-shouldered jackets, that are stuck for the warm season as well. Belts, over-sized earrings, oh yes, and plastic shoes…although I don’t quite imagine wearing them on a hot day around the city.

Yet, another trend that is back from the 2000s is denim, from head to toe on runways. I liked most of all how Thierry Mugler styled it but it was there with Tom Ford, Versus, and Nina Ricci and many others. Personally, I’m very happy about that. I think jeans suit everyone. I never saw a person in jeans and said “no, I don’t think you should be wearing jeans at all”. Different colors and shapes, there’s a right one for every person. And to quote Yves Saint Laurent when it comes to jeans “I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

A lot of futurism and pretty weird stuff on the runways this year, some of them not impressive at all, some of them quite good. But I recommend you guys watch the Elisabetta Franchi runway show, it is absolutely amazing! I think it was one of the best ones and you’ll get a lot of inspiration from there. Let me know what you think in the comments below and also you can go ahead and shop the recommendations I’ve got listed for you to start making up the spring/summer wardrobe!

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