When I was writing my previous article about staying young and beautiful for a long time, I thought about this: you will tell me that there are women who do not bother with all these rules, and still look amazing. And, yes, of course – some people are born with excellent genes, and it is easier for them to dodge health and  appearance issues. But only very few are that lucky. Everyone else has to make an effort to keep looking great. Otherwise, you’re in trouble! The good news is that any woman can look amazing and young if she doesn’t let her appearance go on its own and daily follows these basic, rejuvenating rules.

-8 glasses of good high quality water daily. face and body exercises. Beside all other advantages that exercising has, it will improve the quality of your sleep, and a good sleep is guarantee that you will look younger. Also, exercise stimulates the production of collagen. Good sleep is a must for your good looks. Lack of sleep not only contributes to aging, but to ugly aging in fact. Scientists have proved that if you do not get enough sleep, your body will become akin to the body of an alcoholic. Just like alcohol, insufficient sleep dehydrates the body.
-Good food, lots of greens, vegetables, fruit  is where you will get the necessary enzymes from. The more enzymes you have in your body – the younger you will look. And remember: the more you eat, the faster you grow older. Avoid sugar: sugar ruthlessly accelerates the aging process.
Dietary supplements, B-complex, protein supplements, fish oil, ceramides, antioxidants, minerals (one of the most important are silicates) as well as MSM – a natural source of organic sulfur, lipoic acid, pomegranate concentrate.
-Beautiful, healthy teeth. Healthy hair: the most attractive hair length is considered to your shoulders, or a little longer. Longer hair does not add attractiveness to a woman. And of course your hair should look healthy and shiny. Dull and brittle hair ages a person incredibly. Hair should be looked after as diligently as skin, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. Apply hair masks, treat your scalp with beneficial oils, such as castor oil, coconut oil, emu oil, etc.
-Healthy, smooth face skin. the main rule here is peeling (deep cleansing). There are so many ways to exfoliate your skin. For a strong effect, use different devices: dermaroller, dermablending, various granules that should be gentle enough not to scratch the face. Any exfoliation method will be beneficial, especially if it is accompanied by high-quality skin care (serums, creams, masks). Choose a cream with a high content of lipids so that the skin does not “deflate”. Baths. Herbal, soda, salt baths, with essential oils – these will help your body look young and beautiful.
-Take probiotics. First of all, they will help you cope with acne, eczema, pink acne, etc. They help moisturize the skin, strengthen skin barriers, and prevent wrinkles. And what’s more, no matter how much time you have already missed and how late you get to work, as soon as you start to really care for yourself, you will see changes for the better and there will be an incentive not to stop.
-And the last thing for today. Cucumber, 5-6 mint leaves and spinach (you can add a small beet here) to be stirred in a blender with water (coconut water if you please), add half a lemon juice – a wonderful drink to start the morning and refresh / clean everything inside yourself (by the way, I wrote about another such useful morning drink here).

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