What is true of fashion generally and of sunglasses specifically is that whatever looks best on you is what you should wear this season. If something is trending right now but it doesn’t feel or look right on you, forget about it. However, there are certain styles of shades that the designers have opted for on the S 2018 runways. Now, you will notice that some of these trends are not meant to protect your eyes against sunlight and will only serve for aesthetic purposes. Still, some researchers say that sunlight is actually beneficial to the eyes and it’s only a matter of whether the sun rays disturb your comfort or not. So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s trending right now in the shades department:

First of all, we have the Matrix style, the barely there, down on your nose bridge shades. They come in all kinds of shapes: cat eye, round, square, rectangular. For most faces, they’re not flattering. You need to have a very well pronounced bone structure to wear such glasses, very Keanu like :).

Next come the maxi, the oversized and adorned, the sparkly sculpturalism and the logo fetishism. Now these shades will flatter more faces than the mini ones. Still you need to maintain proportions, you don’t want the sunglasses covering up more than half of your face and neither do you want people to see your sunglasses from the back of your head.

Next we have the geo detailing, decostructed, futuristic frames with visible hardware. Again, they come in different forms and shapes, rectangular, cat eye etc, The frames here have this “forget the glasses, it’s all about us” vibe. This trend is again very specific, and it usually doesn’t look good on smaller faces, as the frames look bluntly disproportionate against the face contour.   

One trend that I’m particularly fond of and that’s in the spotlight this season are aviators, preferably oversized. Transparent as well as mirrored lenses, tear drop shaped, connected lenses…you name it, they were all on the runways this Spring. Although I love this trend and I think it can render a very sexy allure both to men and women, as they’re more of a unisex trend, I can’t afford to wear them. I’ve desperately tried to find a pair that would complement my bone structure, I just can’t. Aviators look best on heart-shaped faces, like that of Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lopez. So again, be careful, don’t buy blindly into trends. Remember: shades can totally change your appearance, they can make you look like a superstar or completely ruin your appearance. The choice is yours!


Sunglasses trends SS 2018 with Corina ApresMidi Sunglasses trends SS 2018 with Corina ApresMidi

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Affordable:                                        Ready to eat less this month for:   Matrix shades

Matrix shades                                                                                                 Oversized sparkly

Oversized shades

Oversized shades



Aviators adorned

Aviators tinted                                                                                                  

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