These exercises for eye lifting and eyebrow lifting are powerful and should be applied ONLY when a particular contour problem is apparent and not as a preventive measure. Continue Reading

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Mallika Chopra, Deepak Chopra’s daughter, a world-renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine

suggests the following to keep your face looking young: Continue Reading

There is a big problem for all women who want to improve on how they look: there are too many systems/methods of face exercising out there, it’s hard to gain an understanding thereof.  It is very important to know which ones get you the best results. Here are several rules that I follow:

Rule 1. It is better to follow the founders of methods. Continue Reading

Benita Cantieni, author of an amazing face rejuvenation method (face forming) and a wise woman, wrote:

I definitely have nothing against laugh lines and honestly I can’t object to wrinkles overall.  Wrinkles grant character, contour and charm. There is no point in a woman looking 20 at 45 or looking 40 at 60. Most women wouldn’t want that anyway…Very few women feel unhappy because of the wrinkles left on their faces by the years that have gone by. Continue Reading