After I’ve posted the previous face exercises, many of you have asked me for a video on cheek lift exercises, and most importantly, how to correct the arising asymmetry of the face caused by sagging cheeks.
Before we go directly into the exercises, a few important tips: Continue Reading

These exercises for eye lifting and eyebrow lifting are powerful and should be applied ONLY when a particular contour problem is apparent and not as a preventive measure. Continue Reading

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My cat, Rafael, chose my outfit for today…and I think he did a really good job  It turns out he has quite a sense of fashion that I think he developed during the years when he assisted my dressing-up process by climbing into the closet and making himself cozy under my clothes. So today I decided to follow his steps and see how good he really is at picking outfits.  Continue Reading

There is a big problem for all women who want to improve on how they look: there are too many systems/methods of face exercising out there, it’s hard to gain an understanding thereof.  It is very important to know which ones get you the best results. Here are several rules that I follow:

Rule 1. It is better to follow the founders of methods. Continue Reading

And we continue talking about Benita Cantieni’s face forming. Everything she teaches about is so right, it would be a shame not to listen to it. Rule nr. 1: “A good, anatomically correct posture is the first and foremost prerequisite to being beautiful”. In the previous post I gave you a first posture exercise coming from Benita Cantieni. Now, let’s do a second one. This one’s called: Lotus flower opening to the Sun Continue Reading