DETOX: Let’s talk about detoxification first and after that I will tell you how to burn fat using thermogenic herbs. A toxic body will age very rapidly. So you need to clean your colon using different herbs, using fiber powders, enzymes, so it is very, very important to maintain your colon clean. All diseases start in the colon. Enzymes are very important. 

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You’ve decided to lose weight and so you’re getting on a healthy diet. You’ve started exercising…well you’ve done quite a lot. But, there is a way to improve the results of the aforementioned. Nutritionists believe that targeted nutritional supplements can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the diet and will help you achieve your goals more rapidly. It may be hard to believe that something as simple as taking a few capsules a few times a day can make such a huge difference, but it can. Continue Reading

Now, let’s go back to one of my favorite topics and namely: fitness. Thank God, everyone finally came to agree that it is far more difficult to be healthy, happy and feel really good when you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle. I don’t even know if that’s at all possible. I, along with countless health experts and scientific studies, attest to its many benefits. Performing it correctly will produce positive biochemical changes in your body and even help prevent certain chronic diseases. Yet, committing to a regular exercise program is one of the biggest issues people face today, as many simply do not have the time to do it. Continue Reading