And we continue talking about Benita Cantieni’s face forming. Everything she teaches about is so right, it would be a shame not to listen to it. Rule nr. 1: “A good, anatomically correct posture is the first and foremost prerequisite to being beautiful”. In the previous post I gave you a first posture exercise coming from Benita Cantieni. Now, let’s do a second one. This one’s called: Lotus flower opening to the Sun Continue Reading

The first and most important advice Benita Cantieni gives , which is always overlooked is to start with attaining the correct posture  (just surf the net for the topic and you’ll see that everyone starts with exercises) BUT this is the biggest mistake in terms of face forming. Because you won’t achieve results without attaining the correct body posture. No way. And Benita’s first advice: “In the absence of a proper head and back muscle workout, face forming will not be effective”. You can’t have one without the other: first you need to work on you posture and then on wrinkle removal. Continue Reading

Benita Cantieni, author of an amazing face rejuvenation method (face forming) and a wise woman, wrote:

I definitely have nothing against laugh lines and honestly I can’t object to wrinkles overall.  Wrinkles grant character, contour and charm. There is no point in a woman looking 20 at 45 or looking 40 at 60. Most women wouldn’t want that anyway…Very few women feel unhappy because of the wrinkles left on their faces by the years that have gone by. Continue Reading