I take no interest in ordinary things. I have no time to spend on ordinary people and no money to spend on ordinary fashion.I look subconsciously for things that stand out. This time I found the unordinary in the shoe brand called Laura Vita. I bought a pair while in Germany, you can see it in this post, and I became very eager to collaborate with them.  

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It would seem silly to have only one day a year to celebrate what was chanted by artists to be the meaning of life. Still, mankind has managed to pick a day out of all 365 and say “this is the day when you’ll speak about your feelings for one another”. That which cures what medicine cannot, seems to be deemed unimportant too often these days. One thing I caught myself doing throughout life is watching other people living their lives. It beats any movie and unfortunately, what I often notice is that they think there are better things to do with one’s life than love. Continue Reading