Today I’ll share a secret that will get you the perfect make-up: apply OLAY ACTIVE BOTANICALS OVERNIGHT MOISTURE MASK under your makeup. It contains a hydra complex, with snow mushroom, providing a special treatment for the skin. The brand recommends applying it overnight, but the consistency of the mask is quite light and it immediately soaks into the skin so I apply it during daytime as well. Continue Reading

There is a big problem for all women who want to improve on how they look: there are too many systems/methods of face exercising out there, it’s hard to gain an understanding thereof.  It is very important to know which ones get you the best results. Here are several rules that I follow:

Rule 1. It is better to follow the founders of methods. Continue Reading

And we continue talking about Benita Cantieni’s face forming. Everything she teaches about is so right, it would be a shame not to listen to it. Rule nr. 1: “A good, anatomically correct posture is the first and foremost prerequisite to being beautiful”. In the previous post I gave you a first posture exercise coming from Benita Cantieni. Now, let’s do a second one. This one’s called: Lotus flower opening to the Sun Continue Reading

The first and most important advice Benita Cantieni gives , which is always overlooked is to start with attaining the correct posture  (just surf the net for the topic and you’ll see that everyone starts with exercises) BUT this is the biggest mistake in terms of face forming. Because you won’t achieve results without attaining the correct body posture. No way. And Benita’s first advice: “In the absence of a proper head and back muscle workout, face forming will not be effective”. You can’t have one without the other: first you need to work on you posture and then on wrinkle removal. Continue Reading


I truly believe in natural anti-ageing manoeuvres.Those secrets are old as the hills and they’ve been tried by Father time. Now, let’s look at one I particularly find useful:  maintaining the appropriate level of the protein structure of the skin. Continue Reading