The trends raging right now in women’s fashion do not always bring out the woman in you. They’re great, they’re cool, fun to wear, very stylish but there are days when you just want to first be a woman. That’s when the romantic, ultrafeminine takes over and I just give in to something as ethereal as this white dress from Stefanel. Continue Reading

Winter holidays put me into a somewhat delirious mood. I know I have to like them…but I don’t…and everyone around me seems to ardently expect them so… Continue Reading

One of the sexiest things in a woman is her masculinity. The contrast  between  feminine looks and the masculinity in her attire and attitude guarantees a woman that „I don’t know, there’s just something about her, I couldn’t really say what” talk behind her back…

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No, no…not today…I won’t do my make-up and I won’t look into my to do list. The sun has left me with one desire only-that of a cold beer. It’s too hot outside and I need to feel naked…. Continue Reading