There’s nothing like staying at home for real comfort. I disconnect from the world to connect to my inner self. Like an artist on stage, I give it all to the audience. People inspire me and drain me at the same time. I need the curtain to fall every night. I close the door to my house from inside, to recover. To get reassurance, I look in the mirror.  Continue Reading

Two hits of the 2017 summer season: the bodysuit and the high waist palazzo pants. They are the perfect combination for that “hourglass shape” figure you’ve been aiming for. Continue Reading

“Do I ever do anything right?” you ask…of course, sometimes…men truly in love usually try so hard that the laws of probability wouldn’t have it any other way. But then, there are days like this one when you get it all right… Continue Reading

The trends raging right now in women’s fashion do not always bring out the woman in you. They’re great, they’re cool, fun to wear, very stylish but there are days when you just want to first be a woman. That’s when the romantic, ultrafeminine takes over and I just give in to something as ethereal as this white dress from Stefanel. Continue Reading