We continue with hairstyle recommendations from celebrity hairstylists Matt Fugate and Brain Fisher. Here’s what they’re recommending for this season:

Rapunzel Hair
It goes without saying that you need long hair for Cher hair. Maybe all you really need this fall is a good trim so your ends don’t look scraggly. Fugate says people with thick, straight hair have the easiest time achieving this look. “The straighter the better or else you are setting yourself up for hours of flat ironing,” he explains.
Round Ringlets
If you have super curly hair, this cut will look stunning on you. It’s great if your ringlets are on the thicker side, but Fugate says this cut “can actually build a lot of geometric shape” when it comes to thinner ringlets too. Be sure to ask your stylist to add layers toward the top of our head to “free up the curls,” Fugate adds. This will help frame your cheekbones and open up your face.
Long Shag
Are you sensing the Selena vibes? We are, too. Lots of hair is key to this cut, Fugate says: “It’s great for thick hair that needs to remove a ton of weight.” When you get to the salon, Fisher says to request lots of long layers and side-swept bangs.
Blunt Bob
Another haircut that everyone and their mother seems to be getting lately is a simple, blunt lob without anything fancy: no bangs, no layers. Fugate suggests this cut for thin-to-normal, straight hair. “This is more textured than Kerry’s, so to make this a little different, I would razor this or chop into the lines more,” he explains. “Make sure that it is short enough. You want to make sure to ‘go there’ with this length. Bolder the better, and it ends up looking more and more chic the shorter you go.”
Long and Single-Layered
If Rapunzel hair isn’t a realistic option for you, check out this cut. It’s still long, but without the pressure to down collagen supplements on the daily to help it grow even longer. Fugate recommends this cut for those with thick, dense hair. Ask your stylist for “one clean length with longer layers,” Fisher adds.
Curly Crop
This cropped cut is best for curly or wavy hair, but Fugate says you can pull it off if you have fine hair and are cool with sleeping with rollers in. “The cut itself is like a bowl cut that is then styled for curls,” he explains. Your stylist should crop around the ears and either layer or shorten the bulk on top as needed.

Sophia Loren once said that your haircut affects the course of your day and in the end the course of your life. That’s why I prefer short cuts. And among all short cuts, I particularly like Ruby Rose’s approach to the pixie cut. When I try something new, I go all in, so I didn’t hesitate trying her haircut on me. It has that dramatic look about it, it also opens the face, so you’ll be vulnerable, out there, in everyone’s open sight. Ergo, you need courage for a short cut, since it’s all about getting your face “naked” in front of strangers. But it’s worth the risk.


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