I take no interest in ordinary things. I have no time to spend on ordinary people and no money to spend on ordinary fashion.I look subconsciously for things that stand out. This time I found the unordinary in the shoe brand called Laura Vita. I bought a pair while in Germany, you can see it in this post, and I became very eager to collaborate with them.  

So here is a second pair of autumn/winter ankle booties that I received from Laura Vita as part of our collaboration. Elegant, extravagant, refined very comfortable- but not overdone, which is very important They’ve already become one of my favorites. You can pair them with a delicate, lacy outfit as I did here or jeans and a sweater will also do. It’s the kind of footwear you can pretty much wear with anything.The French really know shoes with CorinaApresMidi

The shoes are hand-made which gives them a little extra. I know many of you are a bit afraid of taking the risk of something different when it comes to fashion choices, and life choices for that matter. Don’t. Take a chance on that weird guy you’ve been flirting with, on that job you’ve got no idea how to perform, on that project everyone’s been telling you it’s never gonna work and on those shoes that will have men looking at something other than your eyes for a change. I haven’t figured out how to help you ladies with all of the other stuff above, but with the shoes I’ve got a little help prepared: just use this promo code for 10%off on all orders CORINA10 on this website: Laura Vita Plenty of awesome pairs to chose from, just let me know what you think and I’m here for all your questions. Cheers and see you next time :*  

Here are some of their shoes that I recommend: 

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