The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. And the latter is by far the worst. I’ve taken quite a few blows in my life, and I found out as I rolled, that I can withstand them with at least a little bit of grace. The prospect of being bored on the other hand has always been the scariest for me. Looking back, I know now that a lot of the stupid shit I did along the way, was to avoid getting bored. Each time I get bored, I feel this urging desire for desires. Constantly looking for cures against it, fashion gets on top of the list. Exhilarating for mind and spirit, it always generates new opportunities and unexpected turns. Your future tomorrow might depend on the dress you’ll wear tonight and that’s no minor detail to be trifled with. A fashion item is a promise of success, pleasure or entertainment. Shopping hasn’t been coined as therapy for nothing and if you can’t find happiness, they say, well you’re walking into the wrong stores. Another cure for boredom is the sea. Wearing great style somewhere by the sea is almost sure to clear your head and make you feel alive. That’s what I do when things start getting to my head, and that’s exactly what I did this time. So, make sure you spend as much of your lives somewhere by the sea, and make sure you’re all fashionable when stepping on the hot sand because one thing no one will ever take away from you are the dances you already had.
A deep décolleté has always been in my good graces, a perfect expression of courage and independence. And a faultless opportunity to show off a beautiful bra without even a hint of slutty. Natural fabrics are a great match to the windy air on the beach, after all, each and every one of you are designing their own fairy tales with the lead character being nothing but style from head to toe.

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