The only thing that can ruin a good day is people.

Ernest Hemingway

The sea with all its character knows how to be a silent partner in everything I am. I don’t hold anything back when I visit her again. We’re always one on one. She’s known me throughout all my lives. Her mightiness sets my mind free. Free to think the thoughts I like. Everything is possible when I stand with the sea. We have coffee in the morning together and beer in the afternoon. The sea does not ask questions, she understands. She does not give advice, unnecessary and futile like all advice, she knows the answers stand within. And so I learn that the best teacher is the silent one. The one you can always go to, and they will be there but never spill their character on you. They’ll just be the echo of your own mind and intensify whatever boils within you. It is amazing how something so grand as the sea does not make you feel infinitely small, helpless and unimportant but quiet the opposite-it makes you focus on yourself, feel strong and omnipotent. It makes you see the important things. Lie in the sand by the sea and you’ll see your most important people on the beach, like a dream…and then you’ll know the answer to whatever you were in doubt about.

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