I did not want to kiss you goodbye-that was the trouble, I wanted to kiss you goodnight. And there is a lot of difference. Ernest Hemingway

To get away from you leaving me all the time, I had to leave with you. You came back to life and now you’re addicted. I’ve been taken away my cold-bloodedness and now I’m naked. You don’t know any highways that are not highlighted on your GPS. I would recall the road if I could take my eyes off you. This journey we’re on was very well planned and there’s nothing exciting about planned things but we loved each other and that made all the difference. The hours that followed totally suspended my imagination. My head was clear. It didn’t seem like a journey, although far from home and on the move, it seemed like the final destination. And everything before that seemed like the long road home. The power you have over me is fundamental to us.  It’s uncomfortable, I hate it but you are wise enough not to exert it. And God must have a reason when I feel like a virgin. I left with you to find you. You still get angry at things and people because you’re so used to being unhappy. Talk to me and make life go away.







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