I love being far from home, and I take every opportunity to do so. This time, I traveled to another country to get a puppy I fell in love with while at a dog exhibition in my home-town. It’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the sweetest little thing. But he’ll be the topic of a different post as soon as I find a name for him.
I think I’m not the only one who loves being abroad though…I think you guys do to! And I got to thinking why that is, I mean what is the underpinning psychological reason for which everyone loves crossing the border to another land? Well, apart from a change of scenery and having literally no worries, I believe that when stepping on foreign land we all get to play pretend, see what we want to see and be whoever we want to be in our imagination. It’s a little like getting drunk. Somehow, the fact that we belong somewhere else, and we’re just visiting there, unleashes our imagination so that we can play the part we so desire at that moment in time. A new landscape of possibilities, feelings, roles and ideas is released. And we all enjoy being that mysterious woman on a train, or that stranger having latte in Starbucks who knows a little more about life than everyone else around, or that person we usually see in movies, walking in the crowd, and having all lights on him because his story is a bit different from everyone else’s. Choosing the look for my character is especially important to me.

What I wore:

This time, I decided the style would be elegant with a cherry on top. Black is elegance by definition, so I stuck to Black Crushed Stretch Velvet Pointy Toe Over the Knee Jimmy Choo Boots and a long black Ted Lapidus faux-fur coat (it’s always faux-fur for me). Then my eyes stopped on that pink cap that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the outfit and that is exactly why it’s so appropriate there. Hereto, my suggestion: stop looking for things that fit, in clothes and in life. Just go with your intuition for a change and see where it leads you. It might lead you someplace magic…

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