I always felt more comfortable being a little underdressed than a little overdressed. Overdressing is like saying “I love you” on a second date. It turns something otherwise wonderful into the perfect tool for scarying everyone away. People will watch as you hit ground ridiculous in an ill-conceived chase for attention/affection. Being underdressed on the other hand says “I actually had something else in my plans for tonight, but I was too flattered at how much you all wanted to see me, as not to drop by”. 

And that is always a good statement in my book. One very good way to atone for a dress that might be too elegant for the occasion is pairing it up with flats/army boots (here and here) and a boyish hat. I have had a soft spot for lingerie dresses (here, here and here) since I was trying my mother’s lingerie as a kid. And now they’re all over the racks and I’m trying not to overindulge and show up overdressed as a result. So I’ve looked for a way to tone down the elegance a notch. A stylish sweater will also do the trick.
As I’m writing this post I learn that my friend’s dog has been poisoned. It’s too sad and I cannot come up with an honest and consistent ending to this article and all I want to say right now is: please be kind to the furry ones, in fashion and in life. They’re helpless and they trust us with all their hearts. Please honor their trust with kindness.
See you all next time, and take care.


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