A woman must carry elegance with every state of mind she’s in. The world hates weepers so if you’re ever sad, you be elegant about it. If you’re ever in an autumn state of mind even if it’s spring outside, if you ever gaze into the waters of a river and feel like getting on that boat towards Tranquility Base, remember to take your authenticity with you. I say if you want pure elegance, you wear black. If you want complexity, you wear burgundy. And if you’re heading somewhere windy, chose a piece of clothing that will partly uncover your body due to the wind blasts. You must always make it look like it’s unintentional, but you must take advantage of everything around you, a girl has to use all weapons available. And while you might at times say things you wish you didn’t, a hat will never make that mistake. A great hat will speak for itself, so let it do the talking.

And as the great Coco Chanel, I love to quote so often, said: “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”, so keep up with the latest posts on the blog, and I’ll help you with that.





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