The most interesting and unexpected news in the healthy food science. Scientists advise that we start once again getting used to milk from cows that are pastured freely in the open, to lard and its derivatives, and to other traditional saturated fats, such as the coconut oil. Throw away the rape, corn and soy oil. Keep away from anything that contains polyunsaturated fat. In truth, the only healthy oils are the coconut and the olive oils. Butter and mutton fat –very saturated fat products-and very healthy ones indeed (if the animals’ feed hasn’t been poisoned). Coconut oil is a unique product in terms of its capacity to prevent weight gain and treat obesity, as it stimulates the metabolism. It metabolizes fast and to a certain extent it acts as an antioxidant . Olive oil stimulates weight gain to a very small extent, incomparable with corn or soy oils and it contains an antioxidant that contributes towards preventing heart disease and cancer.


What about  all the previous advice?


Researchers ascertain that the myth about the benefits of oils is one of the most harmful myths of the 20th century.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in oils expressed from plant seeds are a true poison for the human being: they cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, premature ageing, thrombosis, arthritis and immunodeficiency. They can be useful only in the composition of paint and varnish. This cruel lie was served out to the population as by the end of World War II, the oil industry was going through a crisis. The traditional fields of plant seed oil use, such as  flax oil (for example varnish production) have started using petrol-based compositions. The seed-oil producers were urgently in need of a new market, so a campaign was started in order to convince people that seed oil is better than animal fat. They started telling the society that seed oil “protects your heart”, irrespective of the fact that studies on people have shown the same results as studies on animals and namely: THESE OILS ARE TOXIC FOR THE HEART AND INCREASE CANCER RISK.


The findings of researchers: Cancer cannot develop if your diet does not contain unsaturated fat. [C. Ip, et al., Cancer Res. 45, 1985.] Liver cirrhosis cannot develop if your diet does not contain unsaturated fat. [Nanji and French, Life Sciences. 44, 1989.] Heart disease can be triggered by unsaturated fat and can be prevented by adding saturated fat to your diet.[J. K. G. Kramer, et al., Lipids 17, 372, 1983.]

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