Probably nothing is more true in life than the fact that you will have to kiss a few frogs, before you meet your prince. Meeting someone is not an easy thing, and you probably expect some specific qualities from a person you’d like to date. But, let me ask you this: do you have a picture in mind of what specifically could mess up your relationship? This is a very important question for everyone: what exactly can become a stumbling block for the two of you?

So, your zodiac sign has a huge impact on what you find attractive or, on the contrary, unacceptable in your relationship. Let’s see who the true “killer” of love relationships is, depending on astrology.

ARIES. The enemy of your relationship is your partner’s dependence on social networks. Technology has become an integral part of our lives, but after all there is a limit to everything, Aries believe. They will not agree to a relationship with someone who constantly plays games on their mobile phone, sends SMS or is constantly absorbed by social networks. Aries needs someone more attentive, able to devote enough time and attention to their loved one. There is no other way with them!

TAURUS. The stumbling block in relations with Taurus can be the lazy nature of their partner. Why? Because Taurus are hard workers who love to achieve something in life and they never stop moving forward. Working hard is the normal state for the Taurus and they are ready to do anything to achieve what they aspire to. Lazy people who can hardly pull themselves together for some work around the house, are unlikely to manage a successful relationship with a Taurus. Ideally, Taurus needs someone who also focuses on career growth and is willing to fully devote themselves to achieving their goals and dreams.

GEMINI. For the Gemini a stumbling block could be … the gym. Being fit and taking care of yourself is certainly vital, but maintaining a balanced lifestyle is even more important. Gemini need to feel comfortable in a relationship. Therefore, although they admire people’s commitment to hourly activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they would still prefer to have their partner always close to them. In other words, Gemini is not going to share his other half with the gym.

CANCER. You know what can kill your relationship with a Cancer? The fact that you don’t like children! Cancers love being at home, and they love spending a lot of time with their families. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is very important for them to raise children and lay the foundation for a strong family. In their relationships, this issue can be a real stumbling block. For Cancer, nothing can replace the joy and fun that children bring to their lives. For the sake of their second half, they are not at all ready to give up this wonderful privilege of creating a full-fledged family.

LEO. And now let’s get to what may become a stumbling block in your relationship with a Leo. Excessive friendliness! Leos are often overly jealous, and when they meet someone, they do not like to see other people being too close with their partners. Leo claims to be the most important person in the life of his partner and does not tolerate it when other people get too cosy with their second half. Therefore, Leo can create excellent relationships, but only if his partner does not have too many friends of the opposite sex! Otherwise, problems can not be avoided!

VIRGO. And now we will talk about what can become a stumbling block in your relationship with Virgo. Excessive fun at parties! Each of us enjoys going wild at a party with good music and dancing once in a while, and so much as if no one around us cares. But for Virgo it is quite unacceptable, especially if such desires arise from their partners every weekend. Virgos tend to have serious relationships, and you will have to dissociate yourself from those who like to come off in full at parties, because the way Virgo understands having fun will make you turn down the volume.

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