Why I don’t’ use botox and dermafillers? Botos is a toxic material. It lead to issues with the nervous system and the blood stream. One of the major side effects of botox is causing the facial muscles to get weak because muscles are being paralyzed by the botox injection therefore there is a lack of motion in the facial muscles. When there is no activity of facial muscles the skin droops. I want movement in my muscles, I want to be able to build these muscles. When it comes to dermafillers, it’s not that dangerous. The dermafiller contains hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentration in fluids in the eyes and joints. In fact, hyaluronic acid has been promoted as a “fountain of youth”. Hyaluronic acid works by acting as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues. In addition to that, it might affect the way the body responds to injury. There are no severe adverse effects of hyaluronic acid identified yet.

Nevertheless, the way I see it, the natural methods work best. There is a perfect alternative to both botox and dermafillers and this is isometric workout. Another alternative could be a good quality hyalunoric supplementation, protein (peptide should be taken internally and externally because they send signals to the body to produce more collagen).  A discipline is needed, if we do all these regularly, we don’t need plastic surgeries and botox and other procedures that are advertised largely on the market.  Another technique that I am not fond of is laser. Laser stimulates collagen but the side effect doctors don’t talk about is that it depletes the adipose layer. You will gradually lose the fatty layer which will lead to sagging and the deflation of the skin. I am going to mention some excellent products that really work and that you could take to maintain your skin firm, glowing and plump and increase elasticity.

  1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder. It improves hair, skin, nails and joints, ligaments, tendons.Why I don't use BOTOX-What do I use Instead
  2. Dr. Axe Collagen Protein. It has Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, a very good collagen product.
  3. Amino Sculpt Liquid Collagen Peptides – this is a medically used enzymatically hydrolyzed liquid collagen. This is an important addition to any anti-aging, weight loss, skin, or wellness program and it can help support a more youthful feeling body and appearance.
  4. Doctors best MSM Powder. It’s the purest form of organic natural Sulphur. NO SULFITES OR ANY OTHER CHEMICAL. When you mix it with the shampoo, your hair will be very shiny (I will write later on how to mix MSM powder with the shampoo). You can take it internally every single day, it comes with a little scoop, you should take 1-2 scoops daily.5
  5. Applied Nutrition BB Skin Soft Gels. They contain olive oil, coconut oil, coconut water, pine extract which is a super antioxidant, and stimulate collagen production, and also have silica from bamboo extract which is very absorbable by the body. They improve skin hydration and elasticity, and renew its natural glow, this is a unique multi-pronged sWhy I don't use BOTOX-What do I use Insteadolution that helps you achieve a healthier, more youthful appearance. This doctor-developed formula supplies clinically-researched key ingredients to activate your beauty from within.
  6. ISO100 – super fast digesting and absorbing hydrolyzed 100% whey protein isolated. This is your perfect workout partner. ISO100 is produced at highest quality standards. It is formulated using a cross-flow microfiltration, multi-step purification process that preserves important muscle-building protein fractions while removing excess carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol.


This facial mask is to make the skin tighter. Make sure you exfoliate the skin properly before applying any type of mask!

1 tablespoon of white egg powder dissolved with two tablespoons of warm waterWhy I don't use BOTOX-What do I use Instead

1 tablespoon of castor oil

1-4 teaspoon of turmeric

20-30 drops of Rose Oil

This facial mask is for maximum hydration.

Half of a cucumber, blend it in the blender

1 tablespoon of honeyWhy I don't use BOTOX-What do I use Instead

1 tablespoon of castor oil

20 drops of Emu oil

Leave both masks for 30-45 minutes


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