It’s a beautiful place we went to this weekend, it’s got a high-end pool area and a restaurant, a wine celery and glamorous rooms to stay the night. Outside of the walls, it’s a village, the most left behind village you can ever imagine. I fed two dogs with something I bought from a place licensed to sell food to people and to be honest I was a bit afraid the dogs would be poisoned by that. I told my mother: 

-don’t tell the salesgirl to cut the salami, she might think we intend to eat it, I’m ashamed…

Mama said:

-dear, that’s the most expensive salami this store sells, and people do eat it…

So we fed the dog, and we entered the solid rock wall hiding all the glamour.

We headed were people with money go. I had a man with us to pay for everything as is appropriate and we went straight to the swimming pool. We sat down by the pool, with wine and cheese and knew dinner was waiting for us soon.

How was I supposed to feel?

I remember some while ago having beers by the fire, with our boys and their guitars and, tents and some meat to cook on coal. I remember feeling something then. Now I don’t.Why is it suddenly not interesting? with Corina ApresMidi

I always knew someday I’d be numb, and I did everything I could do postpone that moment. I’ll let you know how it evolves. Meanwhile the pics are still beautiful and the fashion sense is still great!

I don’t feel anything…except fashion…and fashion this time was all about the power of maxi dresses. If and only you have high stature you can afford the maxi dress. But if you can afford it, you will be blessed with never ever being under-dressed, over-dressed AND you’ll never have to shave your legs 🙂 Twin-set embroidered maxi dress is what I’m wearing (alternatives here and here), Casadei flaps and a Stradivarius Cowboy hat which perfect here. And of course, my Dolce & Gabbana round shades and long feather earrings


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