Fashion is my form of art and each piece I wear is my masterpiece. This time I had the honor of entering the magic of the Mexican world, as I’m doing this amazing collaboration with Dressaraz. Their business is based in the Netherlands, but the fashion they bring to the continent is traditional, authentic Mexican wear that is hand-embroidered by artisans. 


I was first fascinated by this style when I watched the movie Frida on the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s life, many years ago. So honest, so simple and yet so elaborate, natural and light, this fashion brings forth the little girl within me. The dress I’m featuring is pure cotton, translucent and airy.

The embroidery is what everyone noticed immediately, asking me if it’s authentic to which I proudly answered “Yes, it absolutely :)”.

The embroidery is so intricate and it made me think how the Mexican artisans make the result of so much effort look “effortless”, sunny and filled with life.

I matched it with a pair of white flat espadrilles and I covered my head, as I so often love to do. This time I chose a hand-painted batiste and just worked something between Frida and Nina Simone style out of it. The embroidery on the dress is primarily red and it is very striking so I chose not to add any more red pieces to the outfit. 

As I travel forever to seek myself, I go through fascinating adventures and this time it was the Dressaraz adventure that took me to the Mexican Puebla where I felt closer to nature, the earth, people and one step closer to myself. They say we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are, and to me this dress is like wearing my second skin, as it fell on my body absolutely naturally, as if it had always been there, and I felt how the immaculate me floated through the day.

And if you really wanna draw everyone’s attention, you can, by “mistake” or just “royally” walk through a water fountain wearing the Dressaraz dress and then I assure you, for those few seconds, you’ll be Queen. But because perfect moments can be had but not preserved, it will dry quickly under the sun as soon as you leave the fountain.

Truly, honestly yours, as always,

Corina ApresMidi

P.S. head here for the dress I’m wearing!


the Dressaras dress here 

espadrillas here

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